What are your payment terms?
Rental or Sales must be paid in full before pickup unless a line of credit has been established.

If you'd like to setup credit terms, please ask us for an application.

We accept the following major credit cards:
VISA, MasterCard, American Express

Is insurance required?
Yes, to rent equipment you must furnish proof of insurance coverage for equipment damage and loss. The certificate must name High Contrast Lighting & Grip, Inc. as Loss Payee / Additional Insured.

Your policity must cover the value of the equipment you are renting. We will provide you with a total value to ensure your coverage is adequate.

How is your pricing done?
All published pricing rates are daily.

When do I pickup and return?
You may pick up your equipment after 3pm the day prior to your first rental day.

Equipment must be returned by 11am of the day after your last rental day in order to avoid additional rental costs.

How does your truck mileage work?
Our grip truck mileage includes fuel and is billed per mile up to 500 miles. After that, you pay only for fuel usage at current rates. This ensures you do not pay excessive mileage charges for out of town shoots.

Do I need a driver for a grip truck?
Yes, you must use one of our staff drivers or a freelace driver approved by High Contrast Lighting. Our drivers can function as a driver and crew member. Additional crew can also ride with the driver if needed.

Can you deliver my rental?
Yes, we can deliver and pickup your rental equipment for an additional fee based on distance.

Can you provide additional crew?
Yes, we maintain a list of local freelancers that we can recommend for your production. Vehicles can only be driven by authorized personnel.

Can you rent special items?
We can subrent special items or quantities not in our inventory. Charges vary by distance and travel time.